Lavalier microphones, or lapel mics, are essential when filming interviews, presentations, vlogs, or even a feature film or short film. The best lavalier microphone allows you to clip the mic somewhere discreet and continue filming hands free. With a good lapel microphone, you will be able to capture your videos without worrying about whether you are getting good sound or not. 

Whether you are looking for a wired lavalier microphone, a wireless lapel microphone, or one with a headset for public speeches, we have reviewed and compiled the top ten best lavalier mics available for any purpose. Our buyer’s guide at the bottom of the article goes over what criteria is most important to choose the best lavalier microphone for you.

10 Best Lavalier Microphone - Overview

03/22/2023 09:18 am GMT

Lav mics can be wireless, wired, or specific to smartphones. Our guide has all types of lav mics arranged according to who we think might benefit the most from each lav mic. 

Let’s dive into each one.

Sennheiser Omni-directional EW System - Best Professional Lav Mic Sennheiser Omni-directional EW System – Best Professional Lav Mic

This omni-directional system can be used as a lapel mic and is our top choice if you’re looking for a professional, highly-reliable and durable lav mic. If you want studio level sound quality and you know you’ll be filming in a windy or loud location, rest assured that this Sennheiser won’t pick up unwanted noise. 

It comes with a transmitter and a receiver that can be attached to a camera or tripod. It’s easy to operate the menu and learn how to control this lav mic system. 

This system comes with a number of settings, but the default settings usually works nicely for most occasions. The batteries last 10+ hours, more than enough for most shoots.

Note: this model is battery operated so you need 2 AA batteries for the receiver and 2 for the transmitter.

This professional-grade lav mic system won’t let you down and will give you the best quality sound you could ask for. 

03/22/2023 09:18 am GMT





Tascam DR-10L - Best Portable Recorder + Lav Mic​ Tascam DR-10L – Best Portable Recorder + Lav Mic​

This Tascam digital portable record with lav mic is ultra compact and really convenient. It is compatible with most Sennheiser lav mics with the same connector. Playback functionality allows recorded audio to be checked immediately. The body is lightweight and easy to conceal, perfect for documentary or film subjects, or wedding parties. 

This recorder does two track recordings, so in case one is damaged, you can use the other. Its battery life records at least 10 hours on a single AAA battery. Also, a belt clip, microphone clip, and windshield are provided. 

This is a good choice if you’re looking for a recorder and lav mic simultaneously. Sound quality is good, as is battery life. It’s also a reliable system since it records two tracks, which can come in handy if one of your audio streams becomes damaged. 

03/22/2023 12:16 am GMT



Wireless Microphone System Headset - Most Versatile / Best Headset​ Wireless Microphone System Headset – Most Versatile / Best Headset​

This is an ideal lav mic system for live performances, whether that’s public speeches, teaching, interviews, or weddings. It could also be used for fitness instructors. 

Audio performance offers high quality sound transmission through its upgraded noise cancelling technology. The transmission can reach 300 feet with no distortion.

This system comes with three adaptors, 3 microphones, a headset mic, handheld mic, and lavalier lapel mic. You also get a multi-functional tripod, wind shield, and charging cable. The wireless receiver’s universal 1/4 inch plug is compatible with a mixer, PA speaker, and karaoke machines. You can also connect to an mobile device with a 1/8 inch jack, digital cameras, and laptops. 

This is a versatile lav mic sound system that is ideal for public performances, fitness or yoga instructors, and interviews. It comes with several accessories and is compatible with most devices. It is a great all-rounder choice that does not sacrifice sound quality for value. 

03/22/2023 10:44 am GMT



Shure PGXD14/85-X8 Digital Lavalier Microphone - Best for Performances Shure PGXD14/85-X8 Digital Lavalier Microphone – Best for Performances

If you are a performer and you need a good lavalier mic to accompany movement, this Shure wireless system is for you. It will stay in place while you move around and the sound quality is incredible. If you are a singer, you need not worry about it picking up your voice. This is a great quality choice for musicians, street performers, and fitness instructors. 

The Shure is easy to set up and use. The transmitter includes handheld, bodypack, headworn, lavalier, clip-on, and combo options. You also have 14 hours of continuous use with the included 2 AA batteries. 

The BLX wireless systems combined professional-quality sound with an intuitive and easy to use system. This high-quality lavalier mic will pick up your voice and capture all sound even when you’re moving a lot. 

03/22/2023 03:40 am GMT



Audio-Technica PRO 35 Cardioid Condenser Clip-on - Best for Musicians Audio-Technica PRO 35 Cardioid Condenser Clip-on – Best for Musicians

If you’re a musician worried about sound quality with your instruments, this Audio-Technica comes with a miniature condenser microphone and instrument adaptor, which is particularly good at picking up acoustic instruments. 

When used as a clip-on lav microphone, the vocal reproduction is extremely natural sounding. It comes with a clothing clip and guitar mount. The lav mic is equipped with a low-frequency switch that lets you reduce the pickup of room noise. The cardioid polar pattern lets you reduce sound from the side and rear, so that you isolate the desired sound. It operates on phantom power or battery. 

This is a great lav mic for musicians, and performers of all kinds. You will be able to pick up instrument sounds with ease and clarity. 

03/22/2023 04:04 am GMT



FotoWelt Wireless Lavalier Microphone System - Best for Youtube & Podcasting​ FotoWelt Wireless Lavalier Microphone System – Best for Youtube & Podcasting​

This lavalier microphone system from FotoWelt is great for Youtube videos and podcasting because of its easy use, high quality, and compatibility to multiple devices. It is tiny and lightweight, and can also be used for outdoor use or travel. 

There is a built-in rechargeable battery that supports type-c charging. The lav mic can be clipped onto your clothing directly, or you can mount it on your camera by the cold shoe at the back of the mic. This mic is compatible with move DSLRs with the 3.5mm jack, most camcorders, smartphones, and gimbals. 

This lapel mic has reliable and stable sound, and can work up to 70m. You can use real-time monitoring to test both the transmitter and receiver. If there is any signal interference, you can change the channel while shooting. 

Bonus: the FotoWelt team is really responsive with their customer support and will assist you with any questions you have.

If you’re looking for a good microphone for Youtube or podcasting, check out this FotoWelt Wireless lav mic. It is compatible with most devices and will give you superb sound.

03/21/2023 09:47 pm GMT



COMICA Wireless Lavalier Mic System - Best for Noisy Environments​ COMICA Wireless Lavalier Mic System – Best for Noisy Environments​

This lav mic system is amazing in noisy environments. It has a full aluminum alloy make that gives it superb anti-interference ability. If you are worried about noisy environments and filming, this mic will not let you down. 

The WMic-T2 gives you a real-time audio monitoring system so you can control before and during recording how your sound’s volume, channel, and signal are. It has 96 channels, and its auto-scanning function will find the best channel for you quickly and efficiently. 

 This model supports a 120m working distance in open areas. It features a LCF (Low Cut Filter) mode which cuts off low frequencies for a pure and clear sound. This is especially useful for noisy environments. It comes with 2 wireless transmitters, 1 wireless receiver, 2 lavalier mics, 2 dead cats for the mics, 1 3.5mm to XLR cable converter, 1 3.5mm audio cable, 3 belt clips, 1 cold shoe adaptor for the receiver, and 1 hard plastic soft-lined carrying case. You really get a lot of value for your purchase. 

You will be able to capture noise regardless of where you’re filming. This system will give you professional audio, and you will not have to worry about any unwanted feedback or noise. 

03/22/2023 06:09 am GMT



PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone - Best Under $40 PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone – Best Under $40

If you don’t want to spend over $40 but don’t want to sacrific quality, this PowerDeWise lavalier microphone is for you. The sound is high quality and reliable. 

If you have an iPhone 7,8, X, or 11, you need the 3.5mm lightning adaptor from the iPhone box. There is a one year warranty with this mic too. You will be able to stand about 10 feet from your camera, and it comes with an extension cord. 

This camera provides great value for price. It is small, portable, and high-quality. 

03/22/2023 11:01 am GMT



PoP voice Premium 16 Feet Lavalier Microphone - Best on a Tight Budget ​ PoP voice Premium 16 Feet Lavalier Microphone – Best on a Tight Budget ​

If you’re really on a tight budget, this lavalier lapel microphone is great. The lavalier microphone is dual-head so two people can use one microphone at the same time. It is omnidirectional so you can pick up sounds from your environment with ease. The clip-on lav mic is multipurpose and you can use it for interviews, conferences, video recording, and podcasting. 

It comes with a very long cord, each one is 16 feet (5 meters). It comes with a phone adaptor and is designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Sony, LG, Blackberry & Windows Smartphones, Retina Macbook Pro Air, and other Android devices. 

This lavalier microphone is unique in that it has a dual head that can clip onto two different people. It is very inexpensive, but is not compatible with some devices. 

03/22/2023 12:14 am GMT



Buyer's Guide - Best Lavalier Microphone

How did we compile our list? We have listed the top criteria below in what is most important in picking a high quality lavalier microphone. 

Sound Quality – 

This is the most important thing in considering a lav mic. You need to be able to pick up good audio without feedback or fuzzy noises. If you are going to be in a busy loud environment, make sure to invest in a lavalier microphone that will give you clear high-quality sound. 

Build Quality – 

Look into the make of the lavalier microphone and make sure it will last the wear and tear that will inevitably occur. You don’t want a lav mic that picks up good audio but is made of cheap material and falls apart easily. 

Operating range – 

This may be an important factor for you if you need a larger range to capture sound. If you’re a performer, musician, or instructor, you likely need a larger range than if you are recording videos at home. It’s also important to consider if there are obstacles in the room that may interfere with the sound and decrease your operating range. 


If you want to improve your video quality, or are looking for good sound and recording while giving a presentation, you should consider a good quality lavalier microphone. We have listed ten of the best lavalier mics available for several categories. Please let us know if you have any questions, or you’d like a lavalier microphone recommendation for a purpose not listed here. 

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