Cameras are costly. If you’re traveling or carrying them with you, you need to ensure that your camera remains safe, dry, and damage-free. Whether you’re taking your camera on the beach or even onto the water (perhaps kayaking), our comprehensive list of the best waterproof camera bags and backpacks will have the best waterproof camera bag to fit your exact needs. 

So how do you choose the best waterproof camera bag for you? The market is flooded with waterproof camera bags designed to keep cameras safe from external damage and make sure that they remain dry. To help you out , we have selected the best waterproof camera bag for every budget and personal preference. Scroll to the bottom of this article to read our buying guide that considers the factors you must consider when choosing a good waterproof camera bag. 

The 10 Best Waterproof Camera Bags - Overview

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Without further ado, here is a detailed breakdown of our most highly recommended waterproof camera bags along with their features, pros, and cons:

This is our top pick for best overall camera bag because it’s durable, comfortable, and has a lot of space inside. Lowepro is well known for making great camera bags and with good reason. This Lowepro comes with a built-in weather cover to protect your equipment from rain. 

Durability –

Even if you fill this bag up to the brim, where it’s hard to even zip it up, you won’t need to worry about the bag wearing or tearing at all. The build quality is amazing.

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Size and customizations –

This bag is spacious and you’ll likely be able to fit all your gear inside, while still having a bag that you can fit in the overhead compartment of a plane. There are multiple customizable panels inside so you can fit you cameras and accessories in however you’d like. There is space for up to a 15’’ laptop and tripod support. 


This bag is designed for comfort so that if you optimize it to its full spaciousness, it won’t wear on your back. It has activzone technology that delivers support to your shoulder blades and waist so you can carry your bag with gear all day with ease. 



This is our top choice for anyone looking for a reliable, comfortable bag that will house all your gear safely. 

This Ape Case is great for film professionals because of its huge size and customizations. It also comes with a built-in rain cover that makes the bag water resistant. 

Size –

You can fit a laptop up to 16 inches. There are numerous pockets and carrying areas. Serious, this thing is a beast. You may be slightly shocked upon opening the bag at how cavernous it is. 

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Customizations –

The high visibility yellow interior makes it easy to find small accessories, which will be especially useful when finding those small film pieces you need in a hurry. Rummaging around for every little piece definitely is a time suck, especially on professional film shoots. There are also padded dividers inside that are easy to adjust.



This bag will be great for you if you’re a professional filmmaker or a serious hobbyist. Its size, customizations, durability, and overall good quality make this the top choice for anyone looking to get a top-notch waterproof camera bag. 

We found that many people used this Thule Rolltop Backpack to double as their carry-on luggage, and they were able to fit their camera, clothing, and other small travel necessities like toiletries in it with ease. Beyond that, it also has a range of impressive and unique features. 

Ample Storage Space – 

With this bag, there will be a lot of space to store your things. There are compartments on the top and bottom of the bag. Dividers can also be used to customize the storage space as needed. There is a separate storage compartment for keeping a laptop and a tablet. 

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Chassis System – 

The chassis system of the bag has an ergonomic design that contributes to equal weight distribution. You won’t be weighed down and will be able to carry the bag for long shoots without too much pressure or fatigue. 

Removable Pod System –

There is a removable pod that fits your camera with a padded bottom. Great if you want to transport just your camera around with you safely without hauling your entire gear kit.



This is a high quality bag with unique features like the chassis system and removable camera pod that is great for anyone looking for a waterproof bag that can do double duty as a camera bag and a carry-on hand luggage. 

Like the other Ape Case on this list, this bag comes with a high visibility yellow interior to make it easier to find small accessories. But it’s on our list now because it’s the best choice for those looking for a compact bag. 

SUPER rainproof – 

Of course all the camera bags on this list are waterproof, but this bag has double waterproofing. The bag itself is waterproof, but it also comes with a built-in rain cover for added protection. If you live or film in a really rainy environment, this may be the best bag for you. You could film through torrential rain and rest assured that your gear wouldn’t touch even a droplet of water. 

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Compact Design – 

It is compact but can fit laptops and tablets up to 10 inches. It fits as carry-on and is great for long haul hikes due to its small size. 

Quality – 

Although the backpack has a compact design, there is no compromise on its strength and durability. It is made out of a high-quality material and is designed to last for years. 



This is the camera bag for wilderness photographers, adventurers, and adrenaline junkies. 

This is the camera bag for wilderness photographers, adventurers, and adrenaline junkies. 

Durable And Reliable – 

The bag is made out of durable and sturdy material. Rest assured that the camera and camera accessories are secure, and there is no risk of any damage. There are multiple attachment points where you can secure gear like skis or tripods and still be able to access the camera compartment.

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All Weather Protection – 

There are two layers of protection from the rain or snow. The detachable AW cover adds added protection, but even without it, there is a wet-gear pocket for digital gear. This pocket is expandable and has a waterproof barrier and drain holes to separate outdoor gear from your equipment.



Note: There is a newer model available, but we think this model does just as good a job at a smaller price. 

If you’re looking for a camera bag to take with you on outdoor adventures, consider this Lowepro. Its quality will hold through all terrains and you need not worry about rain or snow.

If you have a lot of camera accessories, this camera bag might be the one for you. There is ample customizable storage space and the top compartment fits your phone, charger, and other small accessories with easy access. There is also a padded laptop compartment, as well as padded dividers that can be easily rearranged inside to fit your specific gear exactly. The laptop compartment can hold bigger computers like the 15’’ MacBook Pro easily. This case also comes with a tripod holder. 

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Premium Material –

Everything from the zippers to the fabric of the USA Gear DSLR camera bag is premium quality. The padded interior protects the camera from physical damage, and the reinforced zippers are strong and sturdy. They can be opened quickly without any fear that they’ll fall apart. The shoulder straps are extremely secure and not flimsy at all. You will feel safe running around with this bag as it almost feels like you’re wearing a harness. 

Comfortable & Waterproof –

This waterproof camera bag is very comfortable to carry around. Wear it on one or both shoulders with ease. It also comes with a rain proof cover that fits over the entire bag. There is a soft foam backing between your back and where the laptop would be, adding comfort and safety.



This is a great pick for those especially concerned with storage space because there are so many pockets inside you won’t need to worry about compartment space even if you have a lot of gear. 

If weight is a big issue for you, consider this lightweight Burton Camera Backpack. 

Polyester Material – 

The bag is made out of polyester, which is why it is not only lightweight but also durable. The polyester material is stretchy and elastic, but at the same time, tough so that it can resist wear and tear. 

Padded Internal Compartments – 

The compartments of the bag are padded, which ensures that the delicate camera equipment remains safe. 

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Comfortable Straps –

The harnesses and straps of the bag and the padded back panel make sure that you will be able to comfortably wear the bag, even when it’s completely full. There are also waist straps so that the weight of the bag is distributed evenly.



If the weight of your camera bag is a big concern for you, check out this lightweight Burton model. It is spacious and will likely fit all your camera needs, without your back being under the weight of a heavy backpack.  

Are you security conscious of your camera and accessories? We don’t blame you. This Neewer Pro Case was designed with security in mind. It also has several features that set it apart from others on this list. 

Anti-theft Combination Lock –

This case comes with an anti-theft combination lock so your gear will always be safe from thieves. 

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Versatile & Budget-Friendly –

This bag can be used as a travel bag, school bag, and day bag! It is also one of the most inexpensive camera bags on our list. 

Great capacity –

This bag can fit a huge number of camera gear and accessories, including a drone. There are padded internal dividers that can house your equipment safely. 



This is an all-around great bag that has the added bonus of providing safety and peace of mind to more security minded filmmakers. It is durable and made of high quality waterproof polyester and nylon, and you can use it day-to-day as a daypack. 

This bag is honestly super cool looking. However, it doesn’t sacrifice quality for looks. 

Great Storage –

The PRVKE not only comes with enough storage space and several different compartments to keep the camera and accessories, but these pockets have been placed in a very strategic manner. Everything can be accessed with ease from three points of access. There is a roll top that gives quick access to personal items, and can be expanded to up to 5L of extra space if needed! 

Good for Travel –

You can place up to a 15’’ device in the dedicated laptop and tablet sleeve. There is also a dedicated passport pocket in a secure easy-to-reach place at your back.

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Customizable Storage –

Change the size of the compartments as needed. There is a removable camera module that can be used to store the camera. If you don’t plan to carry your camera with you, simply remove the module and use the bag as an everyday backpack.



This PRVKE backpack has a sleek and stylish aesthetic that will definitely get you some compliments and possibly turn some heads. It can be used as a day bag and is really convenient to travel with as well. 

If you’re looking for a camera under $50, look no further. 

Quality –

Low price doesn’t mean low quality here. This CADeN backpack has reinforcement technology that supports up to 176 pounds, or 80 kg. Your equipment will be supported by scratch-proof material that will never damage your gear. 

Versatile –

This bag is great for hobbyists as well as photographers looking for a good backup bag on a budget. It’s spacious, durable and waterproof. 

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Note: this amazingly good value bag comes in large and small, both of which are under $50. If you don’t have that much camera gear to carry with you , the smaller version will do the trick nicely. 

This is a great choice for beginner videographers and photographers. Its low price does not sacrifice quality or durability.

Buyer's Guide - Best Waterproof Camera Backpack

Picking your waterproof camera bag is very important since this is what will protect your cameras and accessories. Here are some factors that should be considered when making your choice.


The bag you choose should have different compartments. Generally, the more compartments, the better. This way, everything can be adequately organized to fit your specific equipment needs. Backpacks with separate compartments for laptops and tablets are also a plus. 


Padded backpacks and padded internal dividers are the best way to make sure your equipment is safe, even when you’re running around on a film shoot. 

Weight Distribution And Straps:

The straps and the overall design of the backpack should help distribute the weight of the backpack evenly. You’ll likely be carrying tens of pounds of gear with you. Therefore, the harnesses, straps, and the overall weight distribution of the backpack should be balanced. 

Durability And Quality:

It goes without saying that the waterproof camera backpack you choose should be made of premium quality material. There is no point in spending money on a poor quality backpack that will fall apart after a few months. Always make sure that the backpack you choose is durable so that it can keep up with general and inevitable wear and tear, and your camera equipment remains safe.


Damage to your camera and other sensitive film equipment is one of the most dreadful nightmares for any photographer. Serious videographers and filmmakers need to invest in a high-quality camera bag that can be relied on in any situation. 

A good quality waterproof camera backpack will ensure that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your cameras. It will store all your cameras and related gear in an organized way but still be easy to carry around comfortably.

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